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About Me

I'm a nurse by trade with a detour to motherhood. I have always loved taking photographs, creating art through my lens. When I started this little dream of photography, it was for fun, pleasure and most of all for myself. Before children, my subjects were dogs and landscapes, and then I became a momma and my babies took over the frames. I have savored the moments and memories in pictures and I have files upon files of my own children. Each time I took a picture and saw my sons’ smile looking back at me I found peace and comfort in the realization of what a simple photo captures…it captures moments, but not just any moments, a photo captures joy, happiness, and sometimes tears. I have a desire to hold onto memories in its impromptu state, I encourage others to do so as well, and that's why I have ventured into capturing your moments. Whether it be a family reunion, a walk in a park, a simple day in the life, these moments go fast and with a click and a shutter, I'd love to help you hold a little longer to time.  

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